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web app design & development

In a fast-paced world we can deliver best-in-class and scalable web based applications. We will evaluate the best technology to use for your project and scale complexity to meet your needs. Our team uses the latest technology stack like React JS, Node JS and more.

  • +Web Application Development
  • +UI/UX Design
  • +Frontend & Backend
  • +MVP Design & Development

mobile app design & development

Mobile may be an entry point on its own or alongside a web application. We will ensure your app is elegantly designed across your selected platform(s). We have expertise in iOS, Android, Hybrid, Flutter and React Native technologies.

  • +iOS & Android development
  • +Native App Development
  • +Mobile App UI/UX Design
  • +Consulting and Prototyping

product development and consulting

We consult and support through the entire product life cycle from first launch of MVP to support of the live product. Our focus is on life science, tech and green innovation product development.

  • +Functional Prototyping
  • +Design & Development
  • +Development Consulting
  • +Testing, Maintenance & Support

AI & data science

Do not be overwhelmed by the deluge of data in your business. You can transform your business insights using data-driven decisions. Our specialist team has gained an early foothold in this space and is ready to help you understand the opportunities and execute workable ideas.

  • +AI-Driven App Development
  • +Model Design & Development
  • +AI/ML Integration in App
  • +AI/Data Science Consulting

cloud technologies

With a cloud-based application, organisations can free themselves from the complexities of building and maintaining application architectures. We provide cloud-based solutions and are AWS partners. We specialise in both Google Cloud and Azure.

  • +Cloud App Development
  • +Cloud Integration and Migration
  • +Cloud Consulting
  • +Cloud Infrastructure Mgmt.

QA automation

Modern day digital applications require the ability to scale at large rapidly. Our team of experienced QA engineers can design highly efficient automated tests to validate the performance and scalability.

  • +Functional Testing
  • +Performance Testing
  • +Security Testing
  • +API testing

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