In this digitally-driven era, a company’s website assumes a central role in effectively conveying its work, values, teams, achievements, thought leadership, and other essential information for any stakeholder. Whether it’s a prospective candidate seeking employment or a potential client evaluating the company as a partner, the need for a compelling website is universal. Consequently, businesses, regardless of size, recognize the significance of establishing a good digital footprint.

Aligned with this perspective, Neurolentech, an early-stage biotech company based in Austria, strategically teamed up with us to bolster their digital presence. This collaboration aimed to kickstart Neurolentech’s online journey, commencing with the design & development of a website showcasing their groundbreaking research on diseases related to the human nervous system and other pivotal aspects.

Neurolentech, specializing in neuroscientific research, sought to leverage o2h technology’s expertise in web development and profound understanding of biotech related intricacies. The objective was to create a fully customizable website that not only engages but also informs their target audience about the company’s scientific endeavors, values, team, achievements, thought leadership, and commitment to advancing research in the field of nervous system diseases.

With over 25 years of experience closely collaborating with biotech and life science companies worldwide, o2h technology is dedicated to working collaboratively with both seed-stage and growth companies. Our comprehensive software development services cover the entire digital transformation journey, encompassing planning, design, development, and implementation.

As a part of this collaboration, o2h tech provided web development services, incorporating user-friendly design of the website including easy navigation and simplicity at the core (given the ideal client persona as we understood from the client), a seamless backend/frontend interface coupled with ease of scalability. The web development team at o2h tech used a cost-effective and secure CMS system, coupled with efficient server capabilities such as AWS to deliver the website as per Neurolentech’s requirement. 

Here’s what Fiona Nielsen, CEO of Neurolentech (and a good friend of the o2h group), says about this collaboration and the work that we delivered:

“We are very happy with the professional design and implementation of our website delivered by Akshay Soni and his team at o2h technology. Our team continues to benefit from their rapid responses to any queries. We warmly recommend the o2h technology team for any startups that are looking to produce their first professional website.” 

Akshay Soni, Head of Engineering and Operations at o2h technology, shared his delight in collaborating with the Neurolentech team:

“It was a pleasure collaborating with Fiona and the Neurolentech team. Their clear and well-organized requirements, along with responsiveness, made the entire project management highly efficient. I wish the Neurolentech team continued success in their future endeavors, and I hope this website contributes significantly to their vision and mission of establishing a strong digital presence.”

About Neurolentech

Founded in 2020 as a spin-out from IST Austria, Neurolentech is an Austria-based biopharmaceutical company specialising in next-generation drug discovery for epilepsy. They are looking to develop new treatments for epilepsy and other neurodevelopmental diseases, providing relief and less severe outcomes for patients and their families. They envision a world where effective treatment options exist for every patient with a neurodevelopmental disease.

Neurolentech uses the latest scientific laboratory techniques to develop patient-derived neuronal cell models that give insights into the molecular mechanisms of disease. We use these insights to develop new potential treatments in close partnership with biopharma companies.

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About o2h technology

At o2h technology, we specialise in developing customised products and special project builds covering all stages of the product development lifecycle including design, development, and adoption. Located in Cambridge, UK, and Ahmedabad, India, o2h Technology is a division of the o2h group that seeds new ideas in life science, technology, and green innovation.

The tech team has broad development capabilities and has an exceptional track record in delivering end-to-end projects covering Web, Mobile, Cloud, Software, AI, and Blockchain. We use agile methodologies structured into short sprints to ensure quick and methodical development.

The DNA of o2h technology is centred around the nurturing of its people, values, and culture. It reflects in the quality of our work and the way we work with each other, as well as with our collaborators and partners.

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