Ever since I started at o2h technology I have had conversations like this with my contacts:

Congratulations on your new role at o2h tech, sounds interesting – I heard that your company is an investor, a chemistry business and a software house… what does your company actually do?

I can easily forgive the confusion, because o2h group is all of the above. When I explain my job at o2h technology, I usually describe o2h group  as an octopus, a business with many different arms and o2h technology is just one of the business arms. 


who, where and what is o2h tech


o2h group was founded by Prashant and Sunil Shah as their new venture after their successful exit of Oxygen Healthcare to Piramal. The starting business for the new venture was o2h discovery, offering expert, quality chemistry lab services from our headquarters in Ahmedabad to biotechs and biopharma across the UK and the rest of the world. As the business has grown and become ever more successful, the never sleeping entrepreneurs Prashant and Sunil added five more arms to the business:

  • o2h ventures, investing in early stage UK-based companies within the areas of therapeutics, life science and health tech.

  • o2h co-work labs in the newly renovated Hauxton Mill south of Cambridge, UK. In this fantastic space, more hip and full of inspiration than any office you have ever seen, entrepreneurs, creative ideas, innovators, policy makers and investors have a sizzling mix of meeting space, event venue and office space.

  • o2h therapeutics, with labs across UK and India, offering biology lab services similarly to how o2h Discovery is offering chemistry services to their biotech and biopharma partners.

  • o2h community, our charitable arm of the business supporting a number of local organisations in India, including supporting women’s rights in disadvantaged areas and similar causes that we care about.

  • And then of course o2h technology our software development house and the part of the business that I am currently running. 

So in the context of the o2h group, this is where o2h technology fits in. And you might argue that o2h is not quite an octopus, and I agree. It is more like a hexapus. 🙂