o2h technology is absolutely thrilled to announce that our in-house built proprietary app CITC (Chemistry in the Cloud)TM has won the category “Best Use of Technology Award” in the Pharma Industry Awards UK 2023. 🏆

CITC won Best Use of Technology Award
                                CITC won the Best Use of Technology Award

The Pharma Industry Awards UK 2023 is dedicated to identifying and celebrating the most original and innovative individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence in the UK pharma industry. The awards cater to entrants ranging from researchers and marketing strategists to process and formulation engineers, from campus start-ups to the biggest names in the Pharmaceutical industry. The Pharma Industry Awards UK 2023, with 16 categories for companies and individuals, will provide opportunities for the development of key therapeutics and drugs, CROs, plant production designers, engineers, and their employees to have their achievements recognized. Read more – https://pharmaawards.co.uk/

About the ‘Best Use of Technology Award’ Category:

This award acknowledges the exemplary use of technology within the UK pharmaceutical industry, encompassing its uses and advantages. It requires a concise overview of key projects, describing their successful integration of the nominated technology. Additionally, innovations and distinctive approaches should be highlighted, showcasing how the technology positively impacted the results. The outcomes, such as business growth and user benefits, should be summarized. See – https://pharmaawards.co.uk/shortlist

About “Chemistry in the Cloud-CITCTM”:

Chemistry in the Cloud (CITC)TM is the world’s first chemistry and biology project management app (developed by o2h technology – a subsidiary company of o2h group, and being used by scientists and researchers at o2h discovery), which builds upon the latest advances in secure cloud-based mobile technology and integrates project management of external drug discovery programs being carried out in the UK and across the world. The app enables communication between people working on a private individual project, which is essential to successful project advancement and leads to faster decision making. Read more – https://o2h.com/chemistry-in-the-cloud/

(CITC dashboard)
                                                              CITC dashboard

CITC helps project managers spend less time managing teams and more time selecting the right compounds for synthesis. The project team can spend more time making compounds rather than manually entering data, administering, and reporting. It also helps to manage projects in chemistry, biology, analytical chemistry and purification, ADME, etc. in an efficient manner, which results in increased productivity, quick turnaround times, and faster decision making for a drug discovery program.

Some of the uses and benefits of CITC include:

  • CITC helps in the On-boarding of NEW Collaborators and manages their Chemical Inventory and Compound.
  • It is useful in generating productivity metrics and reports with charts on a weekly basis, and also provides real-time scientific data for exchanges between researchers and collaborators.
  • CITC helps in Chemical management processes such as chemical register, search chemicals, low inventory list, current inventory, chemical transaction, chemical allocation, chemical consumption, and link barcode, etc.
  • CITC provides support in the live tracking of inward starting materials with transparency and visibility.
  • CITC helps make the feedback process easy and convenient by generating feedback from collaborators so they can share their valuable feedback and suggestions.
  • CITC helps provide greater transparency and collaboration by providing real time project management support, which also leads to faster decision-making.
  • With CITC, collaborators can access various records of the chemistry experiments and reactions whenever required.


CITC benefit
                                                              CITC benefit

Some of the key modules of CITC are:

ADME: ADME is a widely used module of the CITC. Through the ADME module, collaborators can request an ADME quote and they can purchase the points which are required to perform various experiments.

Analysis: Analysis module is widely used by the scientists, through this module users can place analysis requests and can view and export analysis reports in the form of PDF files.

Inventory: Inventory is mainly used for chemical management. Through the Inventory, users of CITC can see the available chemicals in the stock and collaborators can order the chemicals from the system.

Electronic Lab Notebook (work in progress): The ELN module is implemented to help the scientists to keep track of all the Lab Notebooks digitally. The ELN captures chemical structural details alongside the experiments for ease of search interpretation. The CITC platform with integrated ELN provides a one-stop solution for combining information and processes across inventory management, project management, approvals, communication, and digital record-keeping.

Have a look at the press release: Chemistry in the Cloud – The World’s First App To Project Manage Drug Discovery

Key Projects & Initiatives: 

The CITC application was developed in such a way that it allowed seamless creation of users’ accounts with an intuitive self-serving experience. CITC has proven to be an invaluable asset in numerous projects, thanks to its wide range of features and benefits. By leveraging its capabilities, project teams have experienced fast tracking, achieved rapid results, received valuable collaborator feedback, and enjoyed real-time project management. Here’s a description of one of the successful integrations of CITC with Cadilla TX.

(Sebastian is interviewed by Fiona Nielsen)
            Sebastian is interviewed by Fiona Nielsen

With the CITC web platform, the Cedilla team was able to select the compounds and assays that they wanted to get done. There was no need to manage any additional Excel sheet to get access to the historical results, as this feature is also available with CITC. And also, CITC was helpful in retrieving the entire historical data for their projects with o2h discovery

CITC helps scientists and collaborators in many ways, such as:

  • Seamless integration of various tools and platforms commonly used in project management, such as task management systems, collaboration software, and communication channels.
  • Collaborators can request a quote and view all the quotes at a glance.
  • Scientists can manage the team working on a project.
  • Collaborators can manage all the compounds in one place, and they can also manage route approvals. Their input is immediately visible and actionable for the scientists and researchers.
  • Scientists can create an analysis request, and the analytical department can create an analysis report and upload it directly to CITC.
  • Collaborators can create and view the ADME quote.


CITC helps collaborators track their requests – assigned, done, and when to expect data, with the feature of tracking the status of their project even on their phones.

Read more about how CITC benefited our collaborators: data sharing made easy with Chemistry in the Cloud (CITC)


Below are the testimonials from some of our clients:

“To be honest, I was really impressed. CITC is a breath of fresh air… CITC made the collaboration very transparent. Through CITC, I can see everything from the time of request to the time of execution of the assay. And it is very easy to retrieve the data”

– Sebastian Ronseaux, Cedilla Tx

“The app looks to be a valuable additional resource for chemistry management as it provides a broad range of project related information at the fingertips and also allows the user to make quick decisions on the go e.g. authorizing purchase of starting materials.”

– Dr David Walker, Sentinel Oncology, UK

“This app is innovatively designed and allows us to manage critical project activities in real time, including starting material tracking and approval of project milestones. A key element of the app is that it provides access to all of the project-related information in one place, which enables us to rapidly and efficiently manage project priorities.” –

– Dr Herschel Mukherjee, Arrakis Therapeutics, USA

About o2h technology:

At o2h technology, we specialise in developing customised products and special project builds covering all stages of the product development lifecycle including design, development, and adoption. Located in Cambridge, UK, and Ahmedabad, India, o2h Technology is a division of the o2h group that seeds new ideas in life science, technology, and green innovation.

The tech team has broad development capabilities and has an exceptional track record in delivering end-to-end projects covering Web, Mobile, Cloud, Software, AI, and Blockchain. We use agile methodologies structured into short sprints to ensure quick and methodical development.

The DNA of o2h technology is centred around the nurturing of its people, values, and culture. It reflects in the quality of our work and the way we work with each other, as well as with our collaborators and partners.

Know more – www.o2htechnology.com, in case of any queries, write us at technology@o2h.com