Cambridge, UK: We are thrilled to announce the first winner of the tech kickstarter 2.0 competitionMatrix Bio! based in Cambridge, Matrix Bio is an early stage tech bio startup developing disruptive digital platforms to transform how researchers design and optimize hydrogels. Their core technology integrates robotic hydrogel synthesis, high-throughput characterization, and machine learning algorithms into an automated biomaterials discovery engine. 

Matrix Bio uses data analysis and deep learning to identify the optimal hydrogel compositions for specific cell-based applications and predict how they will behave in experimental conditions. This in turn streamlines the development and discovery process.

We are delighted to support companies like Matrix Bio, who are committed to making a positive impact on human health. The tech kickstarter programme will provide dedicated developer bandwidth to accelerate developing seamless web interfaces and robust data dashboards building upon and advancing their existing prototype systems. With the amplified resources, Matrix Bio can expedite creation of an intuitive online platform allowing users to easily specify hydrogel design criteria, run virtual experiments, and visualize results. Therefore fast-tracking their progress and helping them reach their next milestone. 

At o2h technology, we understand the importance of innovative seed-stage companies in the health tech sector and our goal is to provide them the support they need to succeed in their digital transformation journey. We believe in working collaboratively with these very early-stage companies to help them overcome the barriers they may face when it comes to designing, building, and scaling their products which is why we launched the tech kickstarter competition.


“We love working with seed stage companies focused on human and planet health. We are a mission driven organisation and understand the importance technology plays in helping these seed stage companies get their innovations off the ground.”

Prashant Shah, CEO of o2h technology

“Receiving Kickstarter support is perfect for an early stage tech bio business, providing critical technology development and tech support to a small team, and providing credibility to future customers, partners, and investors.”

Christopher Mosedale, CEO of Matrix Bio


About Matrix Bio

Matrix Bio is a seed-stage startup based in Cambridge. Matrix Bio is driving innovation in the field of 3D cell culture by providing scientists with unprecedented control over cell culture. 

Matrix Bio believes in harnessing the power of high-throughput hydrogel engineering and computational tools to generate highly optimized hydrogel formulations for the growth of cells in 3 dimensions. By creating a seamless integration between hydrogel design, synthesis, and characterization, Matrix Bio helps in quickly identifying the ideal conditions for a wide range of cell types and applications.

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About the tech kickstarter competition 

The first wave of the tech kickstarter competition was a great success. We received applications from more than 25 seed/early stage companies working on some really exciting and innovative ideas in the field of life science, tech/AI, and green innovation.

The tech kickstarter competition is designed to provide a boost of tech software/web development to seed stage companies, who have secured some initial funding and are looking forward to building MVPs, Web or Mobile apps to kickstart their digital journeys or supercharge their existing MVPs by expanding their functionality with additional resources.

At o2h technology, we love working with innovative early stage companies and helping them build tech products that can have an impact on human and planet health. Winners of this competition will receive a dedicated team of developers and end to end project management services to support their digital transformation journeys through all phases of application development including design, code, quality check, and implementation.

For more details on the tech kickstarter – tech kickstarter 2.0 competition

About o2h technology

o2h technology is a division of the o2h group that seeds new ideas in life science, technology, and green innovation.

We specialize in life science/health tech, tech/AI, and green innovation, and have been part of the Cambridge ecosystem for > 25 years.

o2h technology believes in working collaboratively with seed stage and growth companies by supporting their digital transformation journey through all phases of software development services, including planning, design, development, and implementation.

The DNA of o2h technology is centered around the nurturing of its people, values, and culture. It reflects in the quality of our work and the way we work with each other, as well as with our collaborators and partners.

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